[lammps-users] New branch names in the LAMMPS git repository

Hello everybody!

This message is particularly addressed to those of you that have forked/cloned LAMMPS from Github. With the new patch release we have also changed the names of the branches.

The “master” branch is now called “develop”.
The “unstable” branch is now called “release”.
The “stable” branch keeps its name.

For a transition period we will keep updating the old branches so they remain aliases, i.e. will be identical in everything but the name, but those updates are not immediate, so “master” will be lagging behind “develop”. When submitting pull requests, they will automatically request to merge with “develop”.

Those of you that want to keep up-to-date should begin using the new branch names (you can keep the old ones in your own fork/clone).

The LAMMPS developers.