[lammps-users] New User

Hi Steev,
I have joined this group recently and very happy to see the level of interactions in this forum. As like most of the engineers i am also much comfortable with FORTRAN as compared to C++. I just wanted to know, do we have some time of flow map (or some documentations) which will help new users to understand the code not just the command used in LAMMPS. Most of the documents i have seen, talks about how to use a specific command, but i have not seen any document which talks about the flow of the code from various subroutines.

I am working on the Granular material, is it like that the codes which are in folder “/src/GRANULAR” only used for the calculations of granular material flow, or we need to dig out other codes also?


There are no such docs, other than what's in the doc dir.
If you look at the integrate() routine in src/verlet.cpp, you'll
see the timestepper, which most everything else falls under.

All the granular stuff is under src/GRANULAR