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Assalam Alaikum I am student of M.phil Physics in Government College University Faisalabad. My research work is related to computational plasma. I want to work with Yukawa potential and electric field in LAMMPS. But i am new beginner and have no idea about its input file. So kindly guide me. If any one has input file related to this send me.

LAMMPS has a massive manual with lots of examples and explanations including a generic description of how LAMMPS processes inputs, and on the LAMMPS homepage are links to multiple tutorials and workshops with more information about how to set up simulations plus explanations for how to analyze and interpret the results.

In order to set up the simulations you intend to do, you need to learn two things: 1) what is the correct syntax and workflow to setup, equilibrate, perform, and analyse a simulation and 2) what is the correct way to simulate the systems you intend to simulate. for 1) you should not pay attention to 2) and you should learn step 1) first and thus you can do that with simulations for any kinds of systems. only if you are competent in 1) you should continue to 2) or else you will never know in case of problems whether those are due to lack of knowledge in using LAMMPS or lack of understanding the physics or incorrect settings for the system at hand.

Thank you, I will do that.

Corollary: You can combine Axel’s 1) and 2) only if you can find a person or a published account that explains how somebody previously did something similar in a classical molecular dynamics simulation i.e. simulated a plasma by generating a trajectory of particles interacting via a Yukawa potential. Starting from LAMMPS examples and documentation, you should then try to replicate some of those prior results.

Also, always use a subject line e.g. “How to simulate a plasma?”