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Hello Lammps Users,

I am little new to this program. I just wanted to know what I am doing is right.

I wanted to see the interactions of a circular surface and a rectangular surface. I am using real units. I actually wanted to apply a horizontal force on the circular surface, at the centre of the circle but couldnt figure how to do it, so i applied a average force on the circular surface. Then i removed this force to
look at the interactions between the atoms of circular and rectangular surface due to the applied force.

This is my code:

To apply forces to groups of atoms, look at various fixes:
fix aveforce, fix addforce, fix spring, etc. Those
are probably your best bet.


dear list

please let me know if there is any way to save the inter particle forces at every time step into a data file in granular flow simulations
thanks and regards


If you mean dump a list of pairwise interactions, then there
is no direct way to do that. You'd have to put some
print statements in the pair_granular compute routine to
see that info. You can dump the aggregate force
or torque on each atom (due to all its pairwise interactions)
with the dump custom command.