[lammps-users] p4_error: latest msg from perror: Connection timed out

Dear LAMMPS Users,

I am a new user of LAMMPS. I compiled 12 th January,2007 version of LAMMPS in Free-BSD Unix (AMD 64 Athlon) machine for parallel use on cluster.
So far, I could run the code successfully , but for some reasons, I started getting the following message while running my mpi enabled code. This error occurs after running the code for several hours using 4 processors in cluster.

p0_17641: p4_error: net_recv read: probable EOF on socket: 1

Machine configurations are as follows:

FREE BSD 6.2 Unix on AMD 64 Athalon

Can anybody suggest me , how can resolve this problem or where can I find the solution for this problem?

Thanks in anticipation,

Mina Talati

That's an MPI error message, so unless LAMMPS printed some message
first, then I don't think it is a LAMMPS problem. Is it reproducible?
Can you run on 1,2 or 8 procs?