[lammps-users] Parallel problem

Dear Steve, lammps users

I am currently facing an interesting problem. I have a system and trying to run Minimization and MD on it. It is well equilibrated (so I am starting with a restart file). Now, When I run it in serial, it runs fine. However, when I run it in parallel (on 2, 4 or 8 processors), it gives me following error

ERROR on proc 0: Angle atoms 9236 9219 9218 missing on proc 0 at step 0

What could be causing this?

Best Regards,

Can you verify when you restart on 1 proc, and write a dump
file on the new step 0, that those 3 atoms are close enough
together to form a good angle. You would have a problem
if you run in parallel and those 3 atoms are far apart (outside
the pair cutoff).