[lammps-users] Pending closure of the lammps-users mailing list on June 30th 2022

Dear members of the lammps-users mailing list!

After joining the MatSci discourse forum at https://matsci.org/lammps almost a year ago operating it in parallel with the lammps-users mailing list, the LAMMPS developers have today decided to discontinue the mailing list in favor of the forum on June 30th 2022. We thus encourage everybody to unsubscribe here and instead join the forum. We believe the forum offers a better means of communication than the mailing list and has seen a steady growth of discussions while the use of the mailing list has significantly declined at the same time.

We thank everybody for the many discussions over the year - there are over 30,000 messages in the archives - and hope that we will continue the exchange of knowledge in the forum.

For the transition period, the mailing list will continue to operate, but will not accept new subscribers. All posts to the mailing list are archived in the forum, so it will remain a valuable resource to search for answers to questions that have already come up.

The LAMMPS developers.