[lammps-users] Performance!

Dear support, Lammps scale very well on my system. This is the time partition on 2048 CPU.

Pair time () = 2.04462 (28.6295) Neigh time () = 0.00817139 (0.114419)
Comm time () = 0.940327 (13.1668) Outpt time () = 0.00466063 (0.0652597)
Other time (%) = 4.14388 (58.0241)

Why the Other time is so great? What are include in the other time? Where I can modify lammps in order to improve this bottleneck?


Nicola Varini

The other time could be load-imbalance. It could be poor non-scaling
communication on your machine. How big a simulation
are you running? There is no easy fix.