[lammps-users] pizza setup - togl problems


I am trying to get PIZZA up and running on my Linux workstation (Intel
Xeon 3GHz, SuSE Enterprise Linux Desktop 10) and have run into some
trouble installing the Togl package.

After downloading and unpacking Togl I went into its directory and ran
the configure script as seen below and got the following output:

% ./configure
checking for correct TEA configuration... ok (TEA 3.4)
checking for Tcl configuration... configure: WARNING: "Cannot find Tcl
configuration definitions"

Having been unable to find any usable help online I thought I would
email the list to see if anybody had run into similar problems and/or
had any advice on getting Togl installed.

Many thanks.

Dan Lussier

I've never been able to get Togl within PyOpenGL to install
cleanly. I think it's a known issue with that package, which
unfortantely affects Pizza.py.

You can always start up Pizza.py without the tools that use
OpenGL. That avoids the issue altogether.