[lammps-users] Postdoctoral Appointees Wanted ­ Atomistic and Multi-scale Simulation of Materials

Sandia National Laboratories' facility in Livermore, CA has multiple
postdoctoral positions available for scientists or engineers with experience
and interest in studying structural, physical, and mechanical behavior of
materials at the atomic scale using computational mechanics and material
science methods. Current projects involve using atomistic and meso-scale
simulation methods to study topics such as the mechanical behavior of
defects in solid materials, and charge and energy transport in ionic fluids.
Research is also needed in the development of new approaches for
atomistic-to-continuum coupling and multi-scale simulation, and for the
implementation of molecular and multi-scale simulation algorithms for use in
efficient, high-performance computing. Persons with experience in techniques
such as inter-atomic potential development, molecular statics and dynamics,
atomistic-to-continuum coupling, and multi-scale modeling are needed to
expand Sandia¹s capabilities to model and analyze materials and
phenomena with characteristics at the nano- and micro-scale.

More information, including required and desired qualifications, are
included in the attached document. Candidates MUST apply on-line at

Thank you,

Jon Zimmerman

atc_postdoc_posting_pub[1].pdf (85.4 KB)