[lammps-users] power law fluid

Dear all,

I am currently looking for a possible way to model power law fluid (shear-thinning) as a background solvent to a system in 2D containing worm-like filaments and study the visco-elastic effect.

If anyone has any experience on modelling such fluids using lammps, it will be really useful if you kindly share it with me.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Chandana,

I’ve been developing a package for doing fluid-mechanics calculations in LAMMPS:

See the website for installing for python or for compiling. The website also has example scripts and Jupyter notebooks for readily setting up models

The package provides various fluctuating hydrodynamics thermostats for LAMMPS simulations, including shear boundary conditions for rheological studies.


Dear Paul,

I just had a quick look at http://mango-selm.org/ . It seems to be quite useful. I need to spend more time on it to understand which method is more suitable for my simulations.
Thank you very much for developing it and sharing the information with me.
I will contact you again once I go through it properly.

Best regards,