[lammps-users] Pre-built Ubuntu Linux executables

Dear all

I want to install Pre-built Ubuntu Linux executables in my system. My Ubuntu version is 20.04.3. But unfortunately, I can’t install the last version of the stable or daily version in the system (e.g., 29 Sep 2021).

I installed Pre-built Ubuntu Linux executables similar to the instructions provided on the LAMMPS site. I also used sudo apt-get update command in the terminal for the update. But the 3 Mar 2020 version of the LAMMPS was installed. At the same time, two other Stable versions (29 Oct 2020 and 29 Sep 2021) have been released since then.

I would be happy if anyone could guide me. How can I install the latest version of LAMMPS with this method? Has this method been supported in order to install a new version of LAMMPS? I mean, is this method the correct one to install a new version?

Best regards


The person who used to build these packages has recently stated, that he does not have the time to update those packages.
They require extra work due to changes in how LAMMPS is built.

So until someone else steps up and volunteers his or her time to produce updated Ubuntu packages, you either have to compile LAMMPS from source code or are stuck with those old versions.