[lammps-users] problem in LAMMPS installation in ubuntu

thanks Axel for replying and I sincerely apologize to you for my mistake.

this is not much better.

Actually I tried various commands like
make -f Makefile.list serial
make -f Makefile.list g++
make -f Makefile.list debian

that is not the way you should compile it.

try without the -f Makefile.list

but I am getting error like "No such file or directory" for various
files even that files are there in the directory.

i have to repeat myself. without details, no help.

first of all, i would recommend to have a closer
look at the documentation, and perhaps talk to
somebody that knows linux. it seems to me, that
you are missing some basic issues.

please also check the mailing list archive.
these kind of initial compilation problems
seem to become very common recently (i guess
there are more people with little experience
in linux trying to use lammps), and i would
assume that the solutions are similar too.