[lammps-users] Problem with bond/create lammps on multiple processors.. please help

Hi I am new to lammps and i am trying to simlate a crosslinked all atom polymer simulation with bond/create such as.

fix create all bond/create 1 3 4 0.8 1 iparam 1 6 jparam 2 7 atype 1 dtype 2

When i use 1 processor then the crosslinking is happening fine. But when I use multiple processors then the cross linking is not working as it should have been. For example if i use 32 processors then some atoms may change the types from 3 to 6 or 4 to 7 but remain non bonded which creates problem.

Please help me…

Sorry, but that does not make sense.
What LAMMPS version are you using?
And how do you verify whether bonds are created or not?

Sorry for my vague question.
Since I change the atom type after bonds are formed I can easily visualize which atoms are bonded in OVITO by deleting the other atoms except the ones which have the bonded types.
This is exactly what I did in the two figures below. In the two figures below you can see for 1 processor all the bonds are correctly formed but with 32 processor the blue colour atoms which should have been bonded remain non bonded as single atoms.

Above figure for 32 processor - 7Aug19 lammps version running on lmp_intelmpi executable.

Above figure for 1 processor - October 20 lammps version running on lmpmpi executable.

Which files do you read into OVITO?

After i apply the fix and run it i dump the system into a file which i read in ovito.

Dump files do not contain bonding info, so ovito cannot know that you have created bonds.

I am sorry if you misunderstood the dump file meaning. I meant to say write_data file . It contains bonding information and can be read in ovito.

If you have data files you can just compare the header sections. They should have different numbers of bonds mentioned.

Be more specific and less sloppy in your descriptions and you won’t be misread.