[lammps-users] Problem with fix rigid command

Dear all,

When using command “fix 1 … rigid … force off off on” it is OK,
while using command “fix 1 … rigid … force on off off” this error message comes out,
“Illegal fix rigid command!”

I cannot figure it out, has anyone ever encounter such problem?

Thanks for any respond!

Chen Chen

The doc page says:

force values = M xflag yflag zflag
    M = which rigid body from 1-Nbody (see asterisk form below)
    xflag,yflag,zflag = off/on if component of center-of-mass force is active

Where is the M in your command?


Sorry, I forgot to write it~
The full line of the fix command is
“fix rigid_piston piston rigid group 2 lfpiston rtpiston torque * off off off force * on off off”

The problem is as reported in the last mail~


Posted a patch for this bug today.