[lammps-users] Problems applying upgraded version of LAMMPS


I was trying to acquire the new patches for the April 12th version of LAMMPS by downloading the upgrade version from the download page. After trying to make the file twice (I went back and ran the make yes-xtc and make package-update commands), I run into the following error:

“style_molecule.h”, line 21: catastrophic error: could not open source
#include “angle_hybrid.h”

1 catastrophic error detected in the compilation of “force.cpp”.
Compilation terminated.
make[1]: *** [force.o] Error 2

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Jennifer M. Lente

Just copy angle_hybrid.h from src/MOLECULE into src, then
it should build fine. Looks like you'll have to do the same
for dihedral_hybrid.h and improper_hybrid.h as well.

Not sure why the patch didn't do this ... I'll need to post a new
upgrade tar file ...

Sorry about that,