[lammps-users] problems compiling lammps with gpu support

Dear Mike,
Thank you very much for looking into this.
Please find the requested file attached.

pair_gpu_build_ptx.h (25.4 KB)

The problem is that the compute capability of your card is 1.0.
1.1 is technically required to run with LAMMPS.

Although 1.0 is not really supported, you can make it work for everything
except GPU neighbor list builds by compiling with “-arch=sm_10”.
You might need to comment out some atomic operations in
pair_gpu_nbor_build.cu to get this to work.

I will think about a fix in the build to address this for 1.0 cards.

If you are feeling adventurous, you could try the OpenCL build which
will work for your card. I say adventurous because the OpenCL build
is not currently supported/thoroughly tested.

  • Mike