[lammps-users] problems compiling xmovie

when i use the Makefile in the xmovie directory after
install all the necesary Xlibrary (I Think), the
compilation give me the errors in the file
"salidaerror.txt" anyone can tell me, what to do for
repair this error?.

I don't modify the original Makefile (only the
compiler options, cc=gcc and LN=gcc).

thank for all and bye.

salidaerror.txt (1.21 KB)

salidaok.txt (963 Bytes)

salidaerror.txt is not an XMOVIE file - possibly it is a Xlib file
in Spanish - I think salida = exit? So you'll need to find someone
familiar with building X applications on your box and modify the
XMOVIE Makefile accordingly.