[lammps-users] Problems in fft3d.h

Dear Axel

    Thanks very much for your reply.
      Yes, I get the fftw2.1.5.
      But there are still link errors existing here
IPO link: can not find -lfftw
IPO link: can not find -lmpich
IPO link: can not find "-lstdc++_shared"
icc: error: problem during multi-file optimization compilation (code 1)
      I think it is about the USERLIB and SYSLIB.
      How should I do with this problem?

you have to adapt the make file to your installation.
without having access to your specific machine, nobody
can tell for sure. there are simply too many ways that
linux machine are set up.

for some fftw installations you may need to use -lsfftw
if you use a different MPI library from MPICH you should not
need -lmpi. you may be able to drop -lstdc++ completely.