[lammps-users] problems installing Makefile.linux

You have a library linking error, as ld cannot find the ATC package library. Make sure you compiled the ATC library (in lammps-18Feb/lib/atc) and properly referenced its location in Makefile.linux.

You should also double-check that you compiled the other package libraries (REAX, MEAM, POEMS) in the same folder.

If you then have trouble with MPI, you can always try using mpic++ to compile & link rather than icc.

See LAMMPS installation documentation for more details.


Hi Benjamin

Thanks for your observations, after i remember this, you have reason, i solve this fixing the path of the mpi library in the ATC makefile, the other packages libraries was properly compiled, i’m using the intel compiler also modified properly this path in the linux makefile, i like make an aditional advise if you use the last version of the intel compilers you need change the linking directive -lompstub with -liompstubs5 in the linux make file, then its gone fine.



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