[lammps-users] probs. for compiling lammps 22June07 on SGI IRIX


I have downloaded the lammps version of July 20 (2007).
I am facing prolems installing it (actually, not only with this one but also with previous of 2007).

Did anyone install lammps on IRIX (6.5.20)?

Some details are provided below:
During the temptative compilation, I got the following messages:
lots of warning like

CC -64 -O -mp -DFFT_SCSL -c fix_plane_force.cpp
cc-3439 CC: WARNING File = /usr/include/mpi++.h, Line = 2249
  class "PMPI::Comm_Null" has no copy assignment operator.

      pmpi_comm = data.pmpi_comm;

and ultimately 3 errors messages like

cc-1282 CC: ERROR File = lattice.cpp, Line = 409
  More than one instance of overloaded function "sqrt" matches the argument list.

            Function symbol function "std::sqrt(long double)" is ambiguous by
            Function symbol function "std::sqrt(float)" is ambiguous by
            Function symbol function "std::sqrt(double)" is ambiguous by
            The argument types are: (int).
    length = sqrt(orientz[0]*orientz[0] + orientz[1]*orientz[1] +

3 errors detected in the compilation of "lattice.cpp".
gmake[1]: *** [lattice.o] Error 2
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/user/restevez/lammps-20Jul07/src/Obj_diesel'
gmake: *** [diesel] Error 2

Any comment, suggestion and help on this will be warmly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

You appear to be getting C++ header files rather than C.
The code should not be including mpi++.h, just mpi.h.
Ditto, it should not be using std::sqrt() but just the sqrt
in math.h which does not have the issue.