[lammps-users] Question regarding the visualization of dislocations during a tensile test


I am trying to visualize stacking faults, phase transformations, dislocations, and twins in my polycrystalline medium-entropy alloy model during a tensile test. I have tried using Common Neighbor Analysis and Dislocation Analysis in OVITO, but I haven’t quite got the visualization I wanted. I have attached the visualization I need in the form of two images. OVITO gives me 3-D visualization, but that is not what I am looking for. Is there any software that gives you that kind of visualization, and if so, how exactly is it done? Thank you.


Dear Rajesh,
You have to remove all other atoms, except HCP to get this type of figures. For that, you’ll use DXA, and then go to select multiple atoms, then chose FCC, BCC & OTHERS, and then delete selected atoms.
You have to remove defect mesh also.
I hope, it’ll help you.

I guess you got these images from the literature. Didn’t they mention what software they used to generate these images? You could also contact the Ovito developer. Ovito Pro might have more functionalithese


You have to rotate your crystal in such a way so that you can orient dislocations and stacking faults as per your expectations. As per my knowledge stacking faults/twins will be surrounded by the dislocation lines. For further assistance, you can go through this article:

The paper hasn’t mentioned what software was used to generate these images, and I have also contacted the OVITO people, and they also did not give me a proper response… I have exhausted all possible avenues with this.


Thank you for the response. I have tried DXA, selecting atoms and deleting the unwanted atoms, but what I am getting is still a 3-D image. The images that I have attached are somehow 2-D. The image with the twins that I have attached shows dislocations (in red) with a head and tail (in green), and in 2-D. That is the kind of visualization that I want.

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