[lammps-users] question

Dear colleague,
I try to use LAMMPS for molecular dynamic simulation some
thermodynamic properties of metals and alloys using well-known
Voter's, Johnson's, Ercolessi's EAM potentials.
All this potentials have not only the number of tabulated values, but
also the beginning and finishing values of spacing potential pair and
dens. Pair_style eam give only spacing drho or dr. How can I use
standart forms EAM potentials for LAMMPS molecular dynamic simulation?

The LAMMPS format is really the DYNAMO format which was
the original EAM code. If you can't convert your files to
that format (e.g. the DYNAMO format is too restrictive), you'll
need to modify files like pair_eam.cpp to read the format you
want. The DYNAMO format is documented in the pair_style eam
doc pages.