[lammps-users] read_restart command - restart file location

In setting up a new input file today that used the read_restart command I was surprised to see that that the restart file used must be located in the same directory as the input script. I took a look in the code as well and confirmed this (as far as I could tell).

All other instances where a file is specified (as far as I have found) can be specified by either relative or absolute pathnames, which is what made this instance surprising.

Clearly this not a big deal, or even a bug, but I thought I might flag it up. Is there a reason why the restart file location is restricted like this?


The wildcard options (*,%) might not be smart enough
to look in another dir, but if you just specify a filename
it can point to anywhere I think, e.g. ../dir2/tmp.restart

Is there something specific that isn't working?


This was broken (or just not implemented) when using a wildcard "*"
in the restart file name. I just put up a patch (10Aug07) to enable
this to work.