[lammps-users] Simulation of the silicon melt

Dear LAMMPS users,

I have a question concerning Silicon melt. I am trying to reproduce the results of one article where they have “Step kinetic coefficients are calculated from crystallization rates of interfaces that are vicinals of the faceted 111 orientation. These vicinal interfaces contain periodic arrays of bilayer steps, and they are observed to crystallize in a step-flow growth mode at undercoolings lower than 40 K. Kinetic coefficients for both [110] and [121] oriented steps are determined for severalvalues of the average step separation, in the range of 7.7–62.4 Å”, perhaps you can post small input script, how to create such system.



Sorry, people on the list are unlikely to do your work for you.
You'll need to experiment with this yourself and post specific
LAMMPS questions if you run into issues.