[lammps-users] stress tensor

Dear lammps users,

I am trying to calculate the macroscopic stress tensor xy for a particular part of the simulation box (the one that is dark in the picture). I have specified the region that i would like to perfor the calculation and i have used the following commands:
(calc is the name f the region of interest)

compute 1 all stress/atom
fix 7 calc ave/spatial 1 10000 x centre 1 stress-centre.profile compute 1

I would b grateful if someone can give me his advise if am doing the simulation with the correct way or if have done a mistake which i cannot see at the moment. Thank you very much in advance.



It looks like you are slicing in x but the figure shows
a slice in y. You can always use a dump custom
command to dump out the stress/atom quantities
into a file and then tally them by hand to see if
they agree with what you think should be in a slice.