[lammps-users] subversion?

Hi Steve et. al.

There was talk a while back about a world-readable subversion repository for LAMMPS. I think this would be a very nice feature for those of us making off-line 3rd party changes and trying to keep our changes in sync with the canonical LAMMPS distro. For instance, I just spent some time merging several major versions worth of LAMMPS changes into my local modifications. There are some strange behaviors now in my custom version that didn’t exist before the merge, and it would be nice to have at least change logs for various source code files to try and figure out which changes are relevant.

Subversion (with meaningful commit messages) would be excellent, but even change log text files for each source file would be nice. Do these exist anywhere?

Thanks much,

Hi Craig - Our current SVN repository is on an internal machine inside
our firewall. Hence not accessible to anyone outside. Paul is going
to check and see if there is any public machine that is a SVN server
that we could mirror to.

I know we don't add informative committ messages, but I don't know
about the change logs you mention. Paul - can you check if those are
stored in the repository in some form so a copy of a few relevant ones
could be mailed to Craig?


Hi Craig. We’ve looked into ways to make the SVN repository accessible, but so far, we haven’t found anything that meets our requirements, which include the ability to keep parts of the LAMMPS repository proprietary and hid from public view. We looked into mirroring the trunk but not the branches, but that turns out to be a bit challenging as well. Please let us know if you have any good ideas along these lines.

As far as change logs, you can reconstruct what we’ve changed by looking at the patch files and bug fixes page that you can find here:


You might also consider setting up your own LAMMPS repository that is updated by patches that we post and merges into your working copy. But as we’ve discovered here, that would require considerable effort.


Hi Craig. I think I’ve found a good way to mirror the repository to make it readable by everyone. The key is using the “svndumpload” command from the “svnpush” collection of perl scripts: http://search.cpan.org/~grichter/SVN-Push-0.02/bin/svnpush — you didn’t really need to know this detail, but it seems to be a good way to produce what you’re wanting, so hopefully we’ll have something going in a week or so. -Paul