[lammps-users] syntax for running the chain tool

Dear LAMMPS users,

I am using the following command from the LAMMPS documentation for creating the bead spring chain for lammps input.

chain < def.chain > data.file

It gives me the following error and I run the code from the tools directory only including the input file:

Error :

No command ‘chain’ found, did you mean:
Command ‘cain’ from package ‘cain’ (universe)
Command ‘xchain’ from package ‘xchain’ (universe)
chain: command not found

xchain is completely different from this chain tool required for lammps. Any help?

This tool needs to be compiled from the “chain.f” source file. did you do that? And what command did you use to do that if you did?
Please also note, that on Linux systems and unlike on Windows systems the current directory is not part of the PATH environment variable. That means that executables called with just “name” are not found by default, even if you are executing them from the current folder. Instead you would have to do “./name” or “/full/path/to/name”.


~/Downloads/lammps-3Mar20/tools$ gfortran -o chain.exe chain.f
~/Downloads/lammps-3Mar20/tools$ ./chain.exe

I used the above command axel.


Now its not showing the error “chain command not found” and this was due to my blunder mistake while compiling Axel.
Instead of chain.f , I have written chain.f and failed to notice before posting the query.

I am sorry.