[lammps-users] Tagging particles that get displaced


When I use the compute event/displace command to flag the displacement of individual atoms in an event, how do I dump an output file that would contain a trajectory of only the displaced atoms? I need to progressively dump information with each time step and print out a movie that would display the motion/path of only the displaced atoms.

Any suggestions?

Thanks again.

Compute event/displace is meant to be used with the PRD command
for detecting events. PRD will print out dump files of snapshots before
and after events. I don't know any way to only get the atoms participating
in an event. There's not even a clear definition of what atoms those are.
And you don't know an event has happened until after the fact. By that
point the earlier trajectory info is lost. So how would you print out
info about only some atoms at an early time, when you don't know
which atoms those are?