[lammps-users] Temperature & pressure profile

Hi all users!
I would like to ask u a few questions on how to deal with a Dpd simulation.
I want to do this:

  1. Temperature profile
    2.Pressure profile
    3.restart a simulation with initial conditions those of a previous simulation, on a Poisseuile flow.
    Is there any advice on how to do these? is there a fix i could use for the two of these?
    Thnks very much in advance!Jim

If by "profile" you mean a spatial binning
of temperature vs position, then see the
fix ave/spatial command, which can be
used with a compute ke/atom or compute stress/atom
to do that. See the restart command for
how to write out a restart file to start
a simulation from a previous point.

See examples/flow for a test script that does
Poissuelle flow.


2008/2/19 ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ ΛΑΔΑΣ <[email protected]>: