[lammps-users] temporary problem at sourceforge: duplicate mails and bounce messages

Just a note to everybody. There was a problem since Friday evening eastern time with the sourceforge e-mail server that stopped it from processing e-mails and thus there were no mails from the mailing list.

Some of you may have received “bounce messages” because the email delivery failed
and there may be some duplicates from e-mails that were accepted by the sourceforge mail server but not confirmed, so that the sending mail server tried a second time to send it out.

This all should be resolved now, but be aware that the mail server now needs to catch up from a lot of pending e-mails that got stuck and those email may arrive in random order (smaller emails usually have a better chance to be processed quickly under heavy load conditions).

If this happens again, please note that we now also have a forum at https://matsci.org/lammps
where you can start discussions and post questions when the mailing list is not operational
(and vice versa, of course ;-)).