[lammps-users] The ParaGrandMC code

Dear lammps researchers,
I would like to quote the MC code of "Relationship between Grain Boundary segregation and grain Boundary Diffusion in Cu-Ag Alloys "in the title of this article.The network address of this MC code is https://software.nasa.gov/software/
LAR-18773-1.This can only be downloaded by local LAMMPS researchers in the US.I wonder if he is a local RESEARCHER of LAMMPS in America. Could you help me download this MC code!
Looking forward to your help!
Xue baoshuai

What has this to do with LAMMPS?

If this is export restricted software, you may be asking people here to commit a criminal act. Do you think that this is collegial behavior?

Wouldn’t it be better to contact the authors of the software directly or their management under which conditions you can obtain this software properly?