[lammps-users] time break down

Dear Lammps experts,
I am writing to ask how I can improve the speed of my simulation.

I am using 13 Nodes (each Node with 48 cores) and 4 threads to model my MEAM pair interactions. I also checked my neighbor list updating as well as balancing the CPU loads as below:

neighbor 2.0 bin # skin distance for metal units is by default 2.0
neigh_modify every 100 delay 0 check yes

fix 5 all balance 0 1.1 rcb

However, according to the time breakdown (below) it seems that communication between CPSs takes a long time. So, any comment is highly appreciated.


“Communication … takes a long time” Hmm. The fraction of time spent on communication is 6%, about the same as the New Mexico sales tax. Some people find that upsetting, but I think you should just live with it.