[lammps-users] trouble with processors command

Hi everyone,

I've run into an problem recently when attempting to customize my
processor grid.

While trying to use the processors command I consistently had my runs
fail due to a segmentation fault (signal 11) whenever the second
parameter in the processor command (Py) is not 1 (eg. processors 1 3 3).
I've tried all kinds of combinations and can input pretty much any
number in both the first (Px) and third parameters (Pz) but only 1 for
the second (eg. processors 3 1 3).

Also, I've been careful to make sure that that the number of processes
I'm running equals the number of processor grid volumes I create so I'm
sure that's not the problem.

Has anybody come across this before? If so and you know what I might be
doing wrong I'd appreciate if you could drop me or the list an email.

I've attached my complete input file below if you have any ideas what's
going on and want to take a look.


Dan Lussier
Dept. Engineering Science
Oxford University


This is a bug in the minimizer when a proc has no atoms.
Your problem geometry runs into that for the 1st time
when you have 3 procs in y. I'll post a patch this AM.

Also, due to your problem geometry, you'll want to think
about how to layout the procs to get decent load balancing.