[lammps-users] "Typo" Error: Unknown Command


I randomly get an error occasionally like this:

ERROR: Unknown command: variabble Nfreq equal ${50ps} (…/input.cpp:279)

Last command: variabble Nfreq equal ${50ps}

where a letter is added or subtracted. There is no such typo in the code. If I run this same code again, I have no error. I have had this error on a very long run before which is a big waste of resources. Every time the error happens its always on a different, random line of the code. Do you know if this is a machine issue, some bug in lammps, or something else? Is there a way to stop this error? Thanks for your help.


This must be a machine issue. No computer software bug would be that random.

Ok, I will consult with the staff at my supercomputer center. Thanks.