[lammps-users] Units of elastic constant

Dear Group,
I have a doubt about the units of the kn (normal spring coefficient or elastic constant) we use in our input script, whether the value of kn we give in input script is dimensional or not?

I saw the paper by Silber et al (Granular flow down an inlcined plane: Bagnold scaaling and rheology,PR E, Volume 64,051302) , paper mentioned that a reasonable value of kn would be 2x10^5, but no-where its gives the dimensions of kn. Can anybody in the group please let me know what would be the reasonable value of kn (elastic constant) for simulating the flow of “granular material” with appropriate units?

Thanks in Advance!!!
Research Assistant, CFD Lab
Iowa State University, Ames

We usually run granular systems in LJ units, where everything
is dimensionless. Otherwise it has the units discussed at the
top of the pair_style granular page.