[lammps-users] Unknown identifier in data file:

Dear All

I am trying to run one MD script with data file as attached herewith. Lammps is giving me error reading data file as follows:

ERROR on proc 0: Unknown identifier in data file: 31267 10 18764 18763 18766

I thought over it a lot, but I have no idea where it is coming from. Angle ID, Angle type and Atom IDs in above line are all within limits (as mentioned at the top of the file) and perfect topologically. Why is lammps not able to access that portion of the file? Could anyone tell me please.


ABIm-n-12.lammps05-edited (4.06 MB)

B/c you don't have 31268 angle lines like the header of the file
states. You have 2 extra lines. Count them and see.