[lammps-users] Visualisation of both cylinder and the position of the 14 atoms on the cylinder

Dear Alex,

Very recently you gave me a very elegant script to position the atoms on the surface of the cylinder
by introducing three variables. However is it possible to visualise these positions on the cylinder. that is both cylinder
and these positions together in Ovito?. region command will only create the cylinderical region and the
create_atoms command will fill the cylinder with atoms.

region mycyl cylinder z 16 5 3.2 -20 20 side out
create_atoms 1 region mycyl

create_atoms 1 single {x} {y} ${z}

Ofcourse it is understood that the atom type 1 is created on the surface of the cylinder . Marking these positions on the cylinder
and visualising it together with cylinder will be good so that it will be easy for me to wind the DNA beads at these positions. I have attached the screenshot.
I am searching for specific commands in LAMMPS documentation meanwhile.

regions are an internal entity in LAMMPS and have no direct way to be represented externally.
of course, for demonstration/visualization purposes, you can always “fill” a cylinder with a bunch of (small) atoms (based on a lattice with a small lattice constant) and visualize those.

if you haven’t noticed yet. this is a mailing list about LAMMPS, not OVITO. so you have to ask for specific advice for how to use OVITO to (re)create a cylinder object directly in an OVITO forum/mailing list.

Thank you Axel.