[lammps-users] Water Conduction

Dear developer,

Firstly, thank you very much for your help!
I just studied lammps a few months ago. Now I want to study a subject about water conduction through carbon nanotubes. But when I finished the input script and run it with lmp_debian, I get these information:

Setting up run…
p0_12495: p4_error: interrupt SIGSEGV: 11.

Then the programm interrupted. The attached file is my input script and the version of lammps I used is “lammps-12Jan08”. Thank you again!


Ye Hongfei

Dear Ye,

It is not a lammps error. It seems to be an error due to parallelization. Try running it on a single processor first successfully.


2008/5/16 叶 <[email protected]…543…>: