LAMMPS Users' Workshop, Aug 7 - 8, 2013

Hello all. This is the final announcement of the upcoming LAMMPS Users’ Workshop, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A., Aug 7 - 8, 2013. Also, there will be a beginners’ session the afternoon of August 6th. There is no registration fee for the workshop or the beginners’ session. For more details, please see:

Note that the program has now been posted:

If you’d like to attend, but have not yet registered, please do so:

The list of registered attendees is here: If you already registered, but your plans have changed such that you won’t be able to attend, or won’t be able to present as you’d planned, please reply to this e-mail and let me know.

Also please note that registration for poster presentations has been reopened (we were able to borrow more easels).

Hope to see many of you at the workshop!

Paul Crozier
Sandia National Laboratories