LAMMPS Version 15 June 2023 Feature Release - First release candidate for next stable version

Dear LAMMPS Users and Developers!

We have today released the next feature release of LAMMPS, version 15 June 2023.
This is the last feature release before the next stable release. For the next weeks we will only include bugfixes and documentation updates. All other pull requests to LAMMPS will be set aside until after the stable release. This version already fixes quite a large number of accumulated bugs that were reported, so we hope that there are not that many left (at least not in old code).

If you want the help the LAMMPS developers (and we can use any helping hand), you can download the source code (Download LAMMPS) and compile it, or get the static x86_64 executable (LAMMPS Static Linux Binary Download Repository: .) or the windows installer (LAMMPS Windows Installer Repository, these were at time of this point still compiling, please be patient) and run simulations and give us feed back on problems compiling and running inputs.

Information about new and changed features are here: Release Feature release June 15 2023 · lammps/lammps · GitHub


This is a reminder, that there are about 2-3 weeks left to report any bugs or formatting issues in the manual for the 15 June 2023 version or submit bug fixes for the next stable release.

You can download sources for the latest snapshot with some (minor) bugfixes applied from here:

If you are using Linux and want to avoid compiling, you can try the precompiled binaries linked in the previous message in this topic.

Please see the following issue before next stable release is finalized:

Sorry, but the only code that would need to be “fixed” here is your fix code (or your example input). Please see my comments added to your GitHub issue.