Latboltz Package

I have been trying to install the LATBOLTZ package in lammps. To do so, I have made a new directory in lammps as a build folder. I have used the cmake -D LAMMPS_MACHINE=name …/cmake command to give the executable a new name. I have then followed up by doing the standard cmake -D latboltz=yes …cmake command before making and installing. However, the latboltz package is not enabled. I am not sure why this isn’t the case. I have MPI installed and this method as worked to install other packages for me in the past.

I am using ubunut 20.04 lammps version tag 20220602.

Thank you

I am sure, however. You didn’t follow the instructions in the documentation correctly. The syntax to enable packages is different and package names are uppercase, too. Please re-read the relevant parts of the documentation to see.