LATTE link with LAMMPS

Dear users,
I have compiled latte code with mpiifort/mkl. I used manual method for linking lammps to latte. I generated 3 links with “make lib-latee”. I used ifort version in lib/latte for Makefile.lammps:

This is a Q for the LATTE folks. I’ve CCd Christian Negre.


I’m appending:

latte_SYSLIB = …/…/lib/latte/filelink.o -llatte -lifport

In /lammps/lib/latte/Makefile.lammps when using ifort.

Let me know if that works.

Dr. Christian F. A . Negre

Dear Steve and Christian
Thank you. problem was solved. As you said, I comiled LATTE with openmp, and LAMMPS with serial options.