Lattice orientation

I am trying to reproduce results from a paper by Thompson & Troian. Which has a lattice orientation as follows:

"x-direction of the fluid cell is aligned along the [11-2] orientation of the fcc lattice comprising the wall"&
"each wall of the cell consists of atoms forming two (111) planes of a fcc.

I have written the following statements in LAMMPS to reproduce it but I am not certain if it is correct.
I would greatly appreciate it if someone could confirm it or guide to some literature which could help me out.
Also I wanted to knw if there is a way to view only the wall atoms frm viewing axis along y direction in xmovie. I tried making the fluid atoms type as invisible but it shows a blank screen. In the other two viewing axis it performs as intended.

lattice fcc 0.81 orient x 1 1 -2 orient y 1 1 1 orient z 1 -1 0
create_atoms 1 region fluid units box
lattice fcc 3.24 orient x 1 1 0 orient y -1 1 0 orient z 0 0 1
create_atoms 2 region btm_wall units box
create_atoms 3 region top_wall units box

Thank you.


I would use a more powerful viz program than xmovie.


Thank you. I downloaded VMD.

Also I require to orient the lattice such that the (111) plane becomes the wall surface and was not very certain exactly how to do that as it requires multiple rotation about the axis.
I would appreciate if you could suggest me some reference literature which could help me with it.


See the doc page for the lattice command
and any solid-state physics textbook.