lattice-read_data help

Hi users,

I wonder if we can use lattice command with read_data? I specify the atoms
within a specific region with my own code in data file but for another
region in this simulation volume, I want to build a crystal structure. If I
arrange my regions’ dimensions consistent both in data file and lattice
command(i.e a empty sphere region in a box within data file,no atoms are
assigned in this spacing, with radius a, so command in script is: lattice
fcc a) is it possible to construct the geometry so? I hope I could explain
my problem well, thank you all in advance...

you can use the lattice command as many times as you want and wherever
you want. it does nothing else but create a coordinate grid to be used
by other commands.


And you can use the create_atoms command multiple
times, after you issue each lattice command, to create
different sets of atoms.


Thank you very much for your help, I solved the problem successfully.