Length of MPComplete queue?

I submitted a crystal structure through the MPComplete system a while ago, I think roughly a year, and it still has the “submitted” status on the MP dashboard rather than the Fireworks states described in the documentation. Is this just a normal backlog of structures awaiting inspection, or has it fallen through the cracks somehow? The ID is 150154.


Hi @Steven_Hartman,

Yes, this calculation completed back in May. It should be in our next database release but I do not have an ETA to share for that yet. If you’d like the result sooner, send me a private message and I’d be happy to share it with you.



Thanks! I’ve already done the calculation for a paper, I was just curious why the displayed status wasn’t updating.

I left a longer comment on MPComplete here: Queue length for structure submission - #4 by mkhorton

The short answer is that the MPComplete dashboard is disconnected from our current production pipeline due to changes in how we’re running those production calculations. Much of our internal effort right now is in developing a more modern website (to allow us to be more responsive in developing new features and fixing bugs) and a more modern API (that follows current best practices). Since we’re a small team, we have to make choices on how much effort to spend maintaining legacy systems vs. this new development, and unfortunately this sometimes causes issues like this. After the new website is made publicly available, hopefully we’ll have some spare cycles for deciding how to best move forwards with MPComplete.

p.s. if you’d like to test the new website when it becomes available, we’re collecting sign-ups here with the intent to send out an email with more information in the next few months.