License question


I can see that the LICENSE file on git
states GPL 2.0, for the downloaded src.

Can someone clarify that contributions are received under the same license?

I know it sounds like an odd question, but its not always the case and I couldn’t find any information regarding this in the FAQ.

I think we usually assume it is, although of course if you are the author you are free to choose under which license you share it.
If you opt for GPL or another, GPL-compatible license (like the Berkley or MIT licenses) then I don’t think there are any issues with adding your source to LAMMPS as well, although it might be it needs to be compiled as a separate library.

If your license is not GPL-compatible then it is difficult to distribute contributions bundled with LAMMPS due to licensing issues.

Others will be able to clarify further.

Stefan’s note is correct. There are a few contributed files, usually
in the USER packages, where someone puts their own
license info at the start of some files. See pair_mgpt.cpp
and some of the files in USER-REAXC as examples.

So long as those licenses are less restrictive than
GPL, we have no problem distributing it with LAMMPS.