Linking to Webmineral or Mindat mineral databases

Hi, I have a geology research project coming up where we would need to map a few hundred mineral endmembers to their respective mp-id’s. I wonder if someone have started such cross-linking effort already? I guess it could live as a simple csv file in gitlab.

Other databases of interest are The American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database, RRUFF Raman spectra database.

Hi @kalvdans,

this sounds like a very interesting idea! We provide the MPContribs platform for efforts like this. It allows MP users to contribute and link data to MP while keeping control over its maintenance. MPContribs provides an API and interfaces for the contributed data, and contributors could decide to develop an MP App based on their data in MPContribs. I’d be happy to set up a brief chat with you to discuss your particular use case. Please send an email to [email protected] to get things rolling.


Thanks @tschaume for your reply! “A data component containing hierarchically organized key-value data linked to the according MP material through identifiers” sounds indeed like the perfect place for such cross-linking efforts.

We will probably pay someone to do this for 600 minerals before the actual project starts. Anyone on this forum interested? E-mail me at [email protected] then.

For the continued growth of the data after the initial effort, is it possible to have a MPContrib project open for all, like a wiki?

@kalvdans Glad to hear that MPContribs would be good fit for you! Yes, we can make an MPContribs project open “for all”. Just like a wiki, any MP user can be added as a collaborator to a project with the same permissions as the original owner.

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I see that the GitHub - hackingmaterials/matminer: Data mining for materials science project contains various tables that links to mp-id, I guess one can dump a cross-linking table there too, to ease the off-line processing without needing API calls.

@kalvdans yes, that could work, too. It would be interesting to hear @ardunn’s opinion about this.

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