Linux Installation

I am new in EMC and I am working with Ubuntu. How can I install it.

I would suggest downloading the Linux version and unpack it in an emc directory in your home:

cd ~
mkdir emc
cd emc
tar xf /your/download/folder/emc_linux_fc31_v9.4.4_20220801.tgz

This unpacks EMC in ~/emc/v9.4.4. The next step is to make some changes to your ~/.bashrc by adding the environment variable EMC_ROOT and adding EMC’s executable and scripts to your path. Use your favorite text editor open ~/.bashrc (mine is vi) and add the following at the end:

export EMC_ROOT=$HOME/emc/v9.4.4
export PATH=$PATH:$EMC_ROOT/bin:$EMC_ROOT/scripts

After saving, you can source your ~/.bash as follows to activate your changes:

. ~/.bashrc

Additionally, you could add the EMC GUI package to your ~/.vmdrc. Add the following line at the end:

source $::env(EMC_ROOT)/vmd/packages.tcl

The latter only works, if you have defined EMC_ROOT in your ~/.bashrc. To use the EMC GUI, you will have to install VMD, as the GUI is a plugin to VMD. Once installed, the GUI can be found at the Extensions pull-down in the VMD main menu.

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Thanks for reply
I installed VMD earlier . I did not get /.vmdrc file in vmd directory. Should I creat it or it is somewhere else?

If you do not have a personalized .vmdrc, you can create a .vmdrc in your home directory. The only line to add is the line mentioned above. This can be done by

echo “source $::env(EMC_ROOT)/vmd/packages.tcl” >>~/.vmdrc

The latter will append this line to an existing ~/.vmdrc, or it will create ~/.vmdrc, if it does not exist.