making LAMMPS on Mac

Hi everyone,

If this is the wrong forum to ask a question like this, please just say so, and I'll hunt down someone around here who knows more than me about compiling programs from makefiles.

I am a new LAMMPS user, and while I have done some programming and compiling, it's usually been pretty simple stuff in contexts where I had a nice IDE to do all the complicated stuff for me. Anyway, I downloaded the latest version of LAMMPS, and followed the installation procedure in the manual. When I typed "gmake mac", nothing happened, so I installed MacPorts, and installed gmake through that. Now when I type "gmake mac" it gives a lot of output, but throws a "fatal error" saying that it can't find a file called "fftw.h". I remembered that there is a fftw library (is "library" the right word?) for doing fast Fourier transforms, and I was able to install something called "fftw" through MacPorts, but the gmake still threw the same error. I downloaded fftw 3.3 at an internet site, and installed that, but still no luck.

I guess it is looking for a C++ header file, and I can find one called "fftw.h" in the LAMMPS src/WINDOWS/extra/fftw2/ directory. Am I supposed to move that somewhere before trying to compile? Any other ideas?

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Barry Bickmore,

Please find attached a file (LAMMPS_MAC_INSTALL.pdf). You can easily install LAMMPS on your mac.

Changwoon Jang

27May12-28May12-on-OS-X-10-7.pdf (150 KB)

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.